In the last few years I've begun to get into mobile app design. The first app, now on the market, is Avatalker AAC; a speech-communication aide for nonverbal children with autism. You can see a demonstration of Avatalker at


The second app design, Avatalker Smart Scenes AAC, exists currently on paper as we await funding for development.


I designed the software features, screen layouts and several of the graphics assets for the software interfaces. The cartoon illustrations you see in these examples are from a symbol set designed by Norman Nanstiel, Sr.

© 2019 by Erik Nanstiel.

Avatalker Smart Scenes AAC

Smart Scenes is a "Visual Scene Display" augmentative communication app designed for iOS on the iPad. It helps low functioning nonverbal children with autism select wants and needs from familiar environments, either illustrated or with custom photographs. This app has yet to be developed for iOS.